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Chord gitar Mocca - The best thing


Chord gitar lagu / Kunci gitar lagu Mocca - The best thing - ( 376 )
Intro : D E C#m F#m
Bm E A

AI’ve got the C#best thing
in the Dworld
Coz’ I Bgot you in my Eheart
And this C#screw little F#mworld
Let’s hold hand toBmgetherE
We can share forC#mever F#
Maybe Bmsomeday the sky
will be Ecoloured with our love


AI C#wake up in the Dmorning
Feeling Bemptyness in my Eheart
This C#pain is just too F#mreal
I dream about BmyouE,
with someone C#melseF#
Please say Bmthat you love me
That Ewe’ll never be apart

You have to Dpromise
That you will be Efaithfull
And there will C#mbe lots
and lots of F#love

It is the Bmthing
that really Ematters
in this Aworld

Int/ending : A G#m F#m E

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