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Chord gitar Camila Cabello - I have questions


Chord gitar lagu / Kunci gitar lagu Camila Cabello - I have questions - ( 236 )
No capo

Why did you leave me here to burn?
I'm way too young to be this hurt

(Sing with the intro) (Cantar con la intro)
(Strumming: D-DDU x2) All the song
(Ritmo:Ab-AbAbArrx2) Toda la canción

I feel doFomed in hotel roGoms
Staring strAmaight up at the wCall
Counting woFunds and I am trGying to
numb them Amall
Do you care, do youF care? G
Why don't you care?
AmI gave you all of me
CMy blood, my sweat, myF heart, and my tears
GWhy don't you care, why don't you care?
AmI was there, I was there, when no one was
CNow you're gone and I'm here
I have questions for you
Number oFne, tell me Gwho you think
you aAmre
You got some Cnerve trying to tFear my
faith Gapart
(I hAmave questionsAm for you)
Number tFwo, why would yGou try and
Amplay me for a fCool?

I should have never ever ever trusted you
(I hAmave questions)
NumberF three, why weren't Gyou, who
You swAmore that you would bCe?
I have questions, I got questions haunting me

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