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Chord gitar Coldplay - Sparks

Chord gitar lagu / Kunci gitar lagu Coldplay - Sparks - ( 51 )
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Coldplay - Sparks

Tabbed By - Dean Oemcke ([email protected])

Any mistakes or thoughts' Feel free to email me.
Capo on First Fret
Chords: (all chords relative to the capo on 1st)

C x32013

Am7 x02213

Fmaj9 x03213
Intro (TAB): (each chord here is strummed, listen to CD for the rhythm)
Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6







|C Am7 |x4
C Am7

Did I drive you away

C Am7

Well I know what you'll say

Fmaj9 C

Oh sing one you know

C Am7

But I promise you this

C Am7 Fmaj9

I'll always look out for you


That's what I'll do

Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6

And say I

Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6

I say I
|C Am7 |x4
C Am7

My heart is yours

C Am7 Fmaj9

Its you that I hold on to


That's what I do

C Am7

And I know I was wrong

C Am7

But I won't let you down


Oh yeah I will yeah I will


Yes I will
Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6

I said I

Am Am#7 Am C7 Am#6 Am6

I cry I

C Am7

I saw sparks x4
C Am7 C

Ahaah ah ah ah...x4


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