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Chord gitar Bryan Adams - Heaven


Chord gitar lagu / Kunci gitar lagu Bryan Adams - Heaven - ( 1276 )
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
# adams english
{st:Brian Adams}
[C]Oh, [Am]thinking about all our [G]younger years
There was [Dm]only you and [Am]me,
we were [Dm]young and wild and [G]free

[C]Now, [Am]nothing can take you a[G]way from me
We've been [Dm]down that road be[Am]fore
But that's [Dm]over now, you keep me [G]comin' back for more

[F]Baby you're [G]all that I [Am]want
When you're [C]lying here in my [F]arms
[F]I'm finding it [G]hard to be[Am]lieve we're in [G]heaven

[F]And love is [G]all that I [Am]need
And I [C]found it here in your [F]heart
[F]It isn't too [G]hard to [Am]see we're in [G]heaven

[C]Oh, [Am]once in your life you [G]find someone
Who will [Dm]turn your world a[Am]round
Bring you [Dm]up when you're feeling [G]down

[C]Yeah, [Am]nothing could change what you [G]mean to me
Oh there's [Dm]lots that I could [Am]say
But just [Dm]hold me now, 'cause our [G]love will light the way

{C: chorus}

[Dm]I've been waiting for so [F]long
For [C]something to [Am]arrive
For [Dm]love to come a[G]long

[Dm]Now our dreams are coming [F]true
Through the [C]good times and the [Am]bad
[G]Yeah, I'll be standing there by you

{C: chorus}

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